General order guide. It works on most retail online stores.
Use the following guide to check the total amount you have to pay including USA domestic shipping cost and tax if applicable.

  1. Insert a dummy name.
  2. Insert a dummy address.
  3. Insert Miami (City), 33133 (Zip Code) and Florida/FL (State)
  4. Insert a dummy phone number (i.e. 305 2345678)
  5. Insert a dummy email address.
  6. Choose a shipping method, choose the cheapest option. (Usually FREE ground shipping for certain minimum amount)

  1. Your item price.
  2. US domestic shipping cost.
  3. Florida tax, if the seller located in Florida.

  1. Your item price.
  2. Total amount of US domestic shipping cost plus tax (if applicable).
  3. Select the shipping weight option.
  4. Insert the product link of the item you wanted to buy.
  5. Insert the details of the item you wanted to buy.