Delivery Time
Normally, USA domestic shipping can take 1-5 working days depending on the item location, international shipping about 4-7 working days, and Malaysia domestic shipping is 1-2 working days. Add 2 working days for handling. So it can be as soon as 8-16 working days.
We schedule shipping on every Monday/Tuesday, which is about 4 times shipping per month. If your item arrived on Wednesday to our USA address, you item need to wait for the next batch on next Tuesday before it can be shipped to Malaysia. The delay also can happen due to both countries public holiday, seller handling time, disaster etc.
Buying from USA Online Store
Mostly but not all. Some online stores or brands have their own policy to strictly filter their buyers. To name few, we could not buy from (leatherwear), (cosmetics) CPO Outlet (hardware tools). But you will easily find the same item selling on other stores. We also not eligible to buy high-tech tactical products that subject to ITAR regulation.
Yes, you can. And you will be subjected to 7% tax if it is sold by Amazon company.
Our US partner is located in Miami, Florida, so any item purchased from a store located in Florida is subjected to 7% tax. To avoid the tax, you have to buy from other states. However, some giant companies (i.e Amazon, Ralph Lauren) do have its branch in any states (including Florida), so your order will be subjected to 7% tax.
Our Service Pricing
We charge as low as RM9 per item plus 5% from the total for the service. We also charge RM10 per order for repacking service for domestic shipping.
The daily updated exchange rate is calculated according to VISA rate plus bank charge (2.5%) plus RM0.10 fluctuation margin.
It is generally higher than local bank and money changer rate.
The price quoted includes the import duty and GST payable to Malaysia custom.
In general, duty varies usually from 0% to 30% depend on item category and the import GST fixed at 6%.
Duty and Tax
We combined shipping for almost hundred of order per shipment. So the total value easily exceeds RM500 and tax will be applied to all of the items depends on the tax class.
In general, import duty and tax are calculated based on CIF value (Cost + Insurance + Freight). For example, a handbag is RM500, the international shipping cost is RM100, so the 6% tax will be RM30 (from the bag price) plus RM6 (from the shipping cost) plus another 1% for custom insurance. So total payable to Malaysia custom is about RM41.
Depending on the type of item; Import tax (GST) is fixed at 6% and duty ranging from 0% to 30% for most item.
Shipping and Handling
Shipping weight is the weight of your item with its packaging and content. For most commercial products, shipping weight value is available online (especially on Amazon). But if they don’t, please estimate the shipping weight is 30% more than the product weight.
Shipping cost is the total cost of international shipping plus duty and tax (which applied to freight cost) plus domestic shipping. So the shipping cost depends on item category due to difference amount of duty and the tax imposed.
The answer depends on the type of item. A common/commercial fragile item, they will be packed carefully and safe for air shipping. For example, Perfume. Some less common/small-market product, which usually marketed in the USA and not to be exported, they do not pack really well. So they have some risk to be damaged during the transport.
Unfortunately, the answer is NO. Please do your own research about the item you are buying, whether it is safe to be exported with moderate care handling.
Depend on type of item, we would say 90% yes you will get your item with its original box/packaging if you are buying a new item. However, all packages will be opened for inspection by USA export department except item that can be inspected without opening the packaging (i.e shirt in transparent plastic wrap). Unless the packaging box is much larger than its content, then the box will be discarded to accommodate more space to other items.
Product warranty
Some products are covered by global warranty program (i.e Asus/Apple products), so the warranty is valid in Malaysia. If the manufacturer does not state so, more likely it is not covered by warranty in Malaysia.

Last updated: 03 June 2016