Shop Ebay USA on Mobile for Malaysian

Here, we are going to teach you how to shop on Ebay USA on your mobile for Malaysian and ship back to your address via For added convenience, we suggest installing eBay app on your mobile. However, by shopping on mobile, the product link is made invisible to you. So to tell us exactly what items you want to buy, you have to locate the Item Number. The Item Number need to be filled into the ‘Product Link’ column instead of the URL. Please follow each step to learn how you can shop with us by using eBay mobile app.

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If the item is located in FL (Florida), the purchase will be subjected to 7% Florida tax.
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Item Number is a unique number for each posted ads. The Item Number helps us to located exact item to be purchased by us.
Item Number

In this example, the domestic shipping is FREE and not subjected to tax because it is located outside of FL, USA.
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If you are browsing from eBay app, fill the Item Number into the product link column.
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